Changing NTR University To YSR University Not That Easy!

Thu Sep 22 2022 18:53:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is known that the Andhra Pradesh government changed the name of the NTR Health University to YSR Health University. After the Cabinet gave its nod, the bill was introduced in the Assembly House and the bill was passed. The government is facing severe criticism over the decision.

Although the government changed the name and the Wikipedia search is also showing the new name, the experts say that the process of changing the name is not that easy as there is a lengthy process to change the name of the University.

Experts say that the University Grants Commission and Indian Medical Association have to accept the new change in the name and the specially appointed teams from both bodies have to look into the matter and after the report is prepared, the bodies will look into it.

 Not just that, the experts also said that it will take at least four years for the University to get recognition with the new name. With the recognition, the doctors studying there will have to face issues and they cannot even join other universities or institutions for further studies.

Going by the explanation of the experts, it is not going to be an easy job for the government to change the name. There are a lot of formalities and lengthy process that has to be followed.

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