Children orphaned due to Covid19 in Telangana to receive smartphones

Sat Jun 12 2021 18:48:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Due to the deadly Covid virus, thousands of children across the country have turned into orphans by losing their parents. The Telangana government has come forward to take care of these children.

As per the media reports, these orphan children in Telangana will be receiving smartphones from the government. These phones will contain the required emergency contact numbers. The move is to make sure that these kids stay safe.

Hyderabad district welfare officer (DWO) T Akkeshwar Rao said the main aim behind providing mobile phones to the children is that they can get help by contacting the concerned officers.

The officer said, around 10 children in Hyderabad became orphans with their parents passing away due to Covid-19. For other reasons, 75 children became orphans. Besides them, 138 children in Hyderabad district lost a single patient due to Covid-19.

On the lines of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) rules, these children were put up for adoption. Before giving them for adoption, the children and the parents who adopt are counseled.

In order to see that, the education of the children won’t get any breaks, they will be getting admitted in state-run schools and other residential schools. The Department of Women Development and Child Welfare is currently providing financial assistance of Rs 2,000 for each kid.