China Conducts An Aerial War Game Close To Indian Border India Equips Defence Force

Wed Jun 09 2021 12:51:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Almost a year after the violent face-off between the Chinese and Indian troops at the Galwon region, the dragon country China carried out an aerial exercise, involving more than 20 fighter jets.

As per the media reports, more than 20 fighter jets belonging to China conducted the war games close to the Indian borders opposite the eastern Ladakh area. Following this, India kept a close eye on China’s movement.

It is said that, as a response, the Indian forces are closely monitoring the Chinese fighter jets at the military bases that belong to China with the help of various forms of surveillance, including Satellites.

To be prepared, the Indian forces had deployed Rafale jets at the northern borders. In addition to this, defense forces were also equipped at the other fronts in the region reportedly.

Since the violent face-off between the two forces, the dragon country has been focusing on upgrading the bases at the border area. Army personnel were deployed at the bases and shelters were also built.