China Cons Pakistan Over Medical Masks

Sat Apr 04 2020 20:49:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a result of the deadly outbreak of the novel corona virus, many countries have witnessed a huge scarcity of medical masks and our neighbor nation Pakistan is not any exemption.

Following this Pakistan has bought medical masks from its ally, Dragon country China and it turned out to be a blander as China has sent masks made out of "underwear" reportedly.

China's sub-standard health gear has been rejected by many countries. Its masks have failed to live up to international standards. Many countries have therefore sent them back to China from where the corona virus originated.

A local Pakistani channel reported the news which became instant viral on social media with netizens sharing the viral video.

In the video, the reporter can be heard saying, "China has conned us. They said they would send n-95 masks to Sindh but they sent masks made of undergarments. The Sindh government too, without making checks sent the masks to the hospital where the doctors and nurses declared the masks to be a joke."