China's Space Station To Collide With Earth

Sat Mar 31 2018 22:19:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

The now defunct Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 or Heavenly Palace is likely to hit the earth this weekend.

Five years after it's launch in the orbit, Chinese Space Agency lost control of the Space Lab in 2016. Since then Scientists are busy predicting when it's debris gonna land on the Earth. As per the latest update, Crash with Earth is likely to happen between Sunday night and early hours of Monday.

8.5 Tonne Chinese Space Station could lead to a vast damage as it's gonna fall on the Earth at a speed of 16,500 mph. The debris are most likely to fall in the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists are unable to exactly predict where it gonna land. New York, Beijing and Istanbul are identified as threat-prone. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder directed officials to take all the measures to nullify the damage. This announcement has created a panic situation across the World. People and Media were appealing Scientists to take preventive measures.