China wanted to use Covid as biological weapon?

Mon May 10 2021 08:41:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Corona … the word itself is enough to send shivers down the spine of the humanity at large. It is laying waste swathes and swathes of land and is leaving countries after countries completely devastated. Corona today is the biggest threat to the humanity.

But, is Corona a biological weapon used to bring nations on their knees? If an Australian media house is to be believed China has been trying to weaponise the deadly virus. According to the magazine, the Chinese military bigwigs, health officials have opined that Corona could become a potent bio-weapon and could wreak havoc in enemy nations. Way back in 2015, Chinese authorities felt that SARS virus and Corona could be used as biological weapons. The magazine revealed that Chinese have even argued that the virus DNA can be manipulated to produce deadly variants.

The report is creating quite a sensation in the world. There are already serious misgivings about China. Many have even called this Chinese virus and argued that the virus was born in the Chinese labs. China's reluctance to allow probe into the origin of the virus in Wuhan Labs too is adding fuel to fire.