Christian Bhajans at Annavaram temple

Tue Nov 12 2019 10:07:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mild tension was reported on the Annavaram hill complex when a Bhajan Mandal tried to perform the bhajan of Jesus Christ in the Kalamandiram. The bhajan mandal, identified as Animireddy Nagesh Nataraja Bala Bhakta Sangham of Irupaka village in East Godavaari district, which was invited by the temple committee, began singing bhajans belonging to another religion. They also made comments that insulted the Hindu gods and goddesses. The singers also exhorted the people to convert.

On listening to these songs and comments, three devotees rushed to the temple executive officer's office and lodged a complaint. Based on the complaint, the temple authorities asked the Bhajan Mandal to stop singing the objectionable songs. One of the members of the Bhajan mandal picked up a fight with the temple authorities and refused to stop singing.

Later, the temple authorities lodged a complaint with the police and handed over the Bhajan Mandal team to the police. The police are investigating.