Christian Books Along With Saptagiri: Will Cops Unravel Conspiracy?

Fri Jul 10 2020 10:27:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

The YSRCP government has taken a very serious view of the allegations of Christian evangelical material being delivered along with Saptagiri magazine, which the TTD produced. The government has launched a very comprehensive probe into the source of the allegation.

The first man to post this is one Venu from Mallikarjunapet in Guntur. The police went to him on Thursday and questioned him as to whether the Christian religious text was part of the same package that delivered the Saptagiri. It turned out that the Christian book was meant for some other address in the same locality. How did Venu miss this and why did he raise a false alarm is the question before the police. Now the police are also planning to question the postman who delivered the letter.

There is a strong suspicion that some interested political force is behind the whole rumour spreading like wild fire on the social media. The police are trying to unearth as to how many people received the Christian religious material along with Saptagiri.