Civil Rights Groups Bats For One Day Boycott Of Facebook!

Sat Sep 25 2021 16:34:22 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Social media giant Facebook and Instagram are facing the heat from the activists and organisers that fight for the civil rights of people for the reason that the platform had failed to stop the sensitive and data that leads to unrest from appearing on the platform.

Intensifying their fight against the Facebook over the US Capitol attack and other issues, the activists and groups have called for a boycott of the platforms for one day on November 10.

The organisation named Kairos that fights against the racial abuse said that the one day boycott against Facebook and Instagram were called to highlight the failure of the social media platforms in taking down the violent content.

The Representatives of the organisation that had proposed the idea of boycotting the platforms on November 10 said that the idea was proposed to send a strong message to Facebook and Instagram that without users they can't do anything and it is an attempt to protest against the violent content that is uploaded on Facebook which has to be taken down

The criticism against the Facebook had increased after the famous publication Wall Street Journal had accesed the inetrnal documents that reportedly says the social media giant acknowledged the negative impact caused by the platform to the users including that of leaving a toll on the mental health of girls, especially the Teenagers.

However, Facebook had denied such acknowledgements and said that the representatives of the social media giant didn't receive any warning from the experts on the harmful effects of Facebook.

The other organisations that fight for the personal and civil rights of the people are accusing Facebook of batting a blind eye towards the negative impact it creates and enabling the powerful people to spread misinformation or the content that triggers violent actions

The activists and organisations have also pressurising the social media giant to bring a new policy that protects the privacy and data of the users that makes the social media platforms a better place for the users and community. A few adverstisers have also pleged to not make any deals in terms of ads with Facebook reportedly.