Cold War Between Two TRS MLA Spills Out

Tue Jan 12 2021 09:02:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Intense groupism in the ruling TRS has shown its ugly face once again, when Serilingampalli MLA Arekapudi Gandhi abused a local party worker who belongs to his rival group. The MLA was so angry that he shouted at the top of the voice and said  he would 'finish off' the youth.

This ugly scene occurred in the Asbestos Colony in Kukatpally Division on Monday. The MLA went to Asbestos Colony to inaugurate some developmental works. However, some local workers of the TRS, led by one Akhil questioned the MLA for attending the programme without keeping the local party workers in the loop. He also objected to new entrants into the party being given more importance than those serving the party loyally.

At this, the MLA flew into a rage and started abusing them. He said he knew how to deal with them. He said he would 'finish off' the rivals. He then shouted at another leader Sridhar Reddy. It is being said that both Akhil and Sridhar Reddy were supporters of Kukatpally MLA Madhavaram Krishna Rao. Of late, both the MLAs are at logger heads. The MLA's abrasive behavious has now become the talk of the town.