Collections Not a Parameter For Oscars Nomination: FFI!

Thu Sep 22 2022 13:01:01 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Movie lovers in India panned high hopes that Pan-India film RRR and the Kashmir Files would get nominated for the prestigious Oscars from India. Given the popularity of both films, there was a strong opinion that either both or at least one film would get nominated from India for international awards.

But none of the films got nominated and a Gujarat film made it to the official entry from India. The Film Federation Of India picked the Gujarati film ‘Chhello Show' as the official entry from India for the prestigious Oscars.

The development did not go well with many and movie lovers are asking why successful and popular films were not selected. The issue also took a political turn with the opposition parties alleging Gujarat lobbying behind RRR and The Kashmir Files missing the Oscars nominations.

Amid a lot of debate on this, the head of the FFI committee TS Nagabharana finally reacted to this and gave his opinion. He said that popularity and collections are not the parameters for any film to get nominated for the Oscars, but the film should have a good story.

TS Nagabharana said that a touching story is a key to nominations, not the mass reach and big collections. According to him, the Gujarat film has emotional chords and the story can get connected to anyone across the world.

Director and Actor TS Nagabharana is saying that the Gujarati film has a better story and emotions compared to RRR and The Kashmir Files. He is also confident that the Gujarat film is the best among the films that were screened before picking the final one.

Though the committee was impressed with the Gujarati film, there is also a criticism that the coming-of-age Gujarati drama 'Chhello Show' is copied from an Italian film. Oscars rules are that copied and remake films will not get an award.

President of the Indian Film & Television Directors' Association Ashoke Pandit, who is a director himself also alleged that the Gujarati film is copied and stands no chance. He even opined that a golden opportunity was wasted by not picking RRR.

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