Common Man's Opinion On Situations In The State

Mon Oct 14 2019 14:38:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the RTC strike growing bigger day by day, the public is facing many issues with transport and with the restrictions imposed in some areas. Though the government has taken some steps to bring the situations under control, there is no much difference. Private buses were hired and some private staff was also appointed to provide services. Some colleges and schools were asked to extend the holidays so that the government can use those buses. Seems like this decision didn't go well with the public. While some of them opposed this decision directly, some of them went to TV channel debates and expressed their anger on it.

A  common man showed his outrage over the situations in the state and the attitude of the state. He called the CM Office helpline and showed his anger on the happenings in the state. A news channel has telecasted his call recording reportedly.

In the recordings his words can be heard as: "My name is Ranjith Kumar. I am from Karimnagar. What's happening in the state. What is this mayhem?. Schools have given 16 days holidays. School students went to a jolly mood. How can they grant 7 more holidays and use school buses for transportation? RTC strikers went for the strike and with his (KCR) price how can he bother us with his pride? Why do we have to suffer in between them? Why the students have to suffer? Don't we get trouble with this? The CM is like Father if the child makes mischief activities he should take an opinion on this and make the child understand. Why should he layoff the workers by his pride? Is this the way to behave? Can he(CM) talk like this? RTC works for us, doesn't CM work for us? But with their issues, we are facing problems. CM won't care about the public. For whom is he running the administration? What is the core idea behind the formation of Telangana? Movements played a vital role in the formation of Telangana, how can he repress those movements?. He should take care of the public and employees like he nurtures his children. Aren't we in a democratic country? Take this to CM sir's notice". 

According to the reports Karunakar, who is an employee from Siddipet also called CM helpline and asked to take some measures to sort of the issues in the state.