Complexity Of Freebies: Even SC Couldn't Differentiate!

Wed Aug 17 2022 16:56:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

The culture of giving freebies to voters is not now and its roots go back many decades. A few states like Tamil Nadu have a rich history of freebies and massive amounts are spent on the freebies. The issue has now turned sensitive with the Supreme Court giving a call to stop the trend.

For the past few weeks, the Supreme Court has been hearing pleas in connection with freebies. Recently, the Supreme Court said that there is a need to stop the freebies as the culture is putting a big burden on the economy which is not good. Having said that, the Apex Court directed the political parties to tell their views on freebies.

To say how complicated the issue is, the Supreme Bench headed by Chief Justice NV Ramana is also not in a position to decide what comes under freebies and what does not. There is a reason for this. Parties banking on freebies are supporting freebies.

The likes of AAP and DMK parties which are in ruling in Delhi and Tamil Nadu are supporting freebies and saying that freebies are benefiting the poor. Moreover, they are saying that the benefit caused by the schemes cannot be seen as freebies.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court is concerned that the money which should have been spent on infrastructure is being spent on freebies which is not right. Talking about the same, the Supreme Court bench said that there should be a balance.

We can understand the complexity of the issue as the Supreme Court bench is also able to differentiate between freebies and non-freebies. "Economy losing money and welfare of people, both have to be balanced. That is why this debate and there must be someone who can put their vision and thoughts. Please submit something," the bench observed.