Has High Command Already Decided The Next PCC Chief?

Sat Dec 12 2020 09:11:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has the high command already decided who will be the next PCC chief? Is the opinion-seeking exercise that the Telangana party affairs incharge is conducting a mere eyewash? Is it an exercise aimed at "manufacturing" a consensus?

Insiders in the Congress say Yes. There are strong indications that the party is taking up this exercise of consultation only to ensure that there is a broad consensus. The idea is to give an impression of internal democracy and a spirit of consultation. This is also aimed at preventing the exodus of disgruntled leaders from the party. This has become important as the BJP is now trying to lure leaders from the Congress.

Party Telangana incharge Manickam Tagore is currently meeting difference sections within the party. He had already met former ministers, MPs and MLAs in one meeting. There was another meeting of the Core Committee. Similarly, he met all the secretaries separately. On Friday, Tagore elicited the opinion of all the DCC chiefs.

However, insiders say that the party has already decided its PCC candidate. Some analysts say that the new poise, the sprint in the gait of one young Reddy leader from Nalgonda shows that he has already been tipped off that he would get the post. He is said to be telling his backers that he would soon take over as the PCC chief.