Congress Is Just A Skeleton In This District

Thu Feb 25 2021 10:14:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Once upon a time, this district was a Congress citadel. It boasted of leaders like Shabbir Ali, who was considered very powerful in the party. But, today, the party in Kamareddy district is facing desertions, defections and dissensions. It is betting weaker by each passing day. It is being eaten away by both the TRS and the BJP from both sides.

The sole MLA of the Congress from Kamareddy district has defected to the ruling TRS. Soon after, the TRS began operation akarsh to lure away Congress local leaders in view of the local body MLC elections. The TRS fielded CM's daughter Kalwakuntla Kavitha. As a result, eight of the 12 corporators and several ZPTCs, sarpanches and MPTCs left the party to join the TRS. This has left the Congress completely weak. In neighbouring Yellareddy too, the leaders from the Congress have joined the TRS.  Even among those remaining in the Congress, there is intense groupism. The party is divided among Shabbir Ali and Madanmohan Rao groups. The latter has the support of former MLAs Gangaram and Boda Janardhan.

To add to the problem, the election to the district youth Congress too caused further differences. While Shabbir Ali wanted his son Imtiaz Ali to be the district YC president, but Madan Mohan Rao upstaged Shabbir Ali and got his nominee Gajanan Patel elected through online voting. As a result, Shabbir Ali faction abstained from attending the victory procession of Gajanan.