Is MIM Party Working For BJP?

Thu Oct 17 2019 16:36:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP and MIM are considered as parties with religious parties, though both parties deny it. They never leave any opportunity to make religious comments. In 2013, the MIM party floor leader said that "if police are removed for 15 minutes, they will kill 80 crore Hindus". The statement became a hot topic among the political circles.

When the BJP government criminalized, triple talaq bill, an instant divorce followed by the men in the Muslim community, MIM leaders became very vocal on the decision stating that BJP is harm for the Muslim community in India.

The MIM party which used to contest only in Hyderabad started to spread its wings in the Muslim dominated areas in India.

Interestingly, Congress-MIM had an alliance for quite a time. With Congress losing the elections MIM went to elections solely. Meanwhile, MIM is contesting in the Maharashtra assembly elections. During the campaign, MIM targeting Congress rather than the BJP party created interest.

MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi is making serious comments on Congress leaders in the campaign. He is not at all talking about BJP. He made sensational comments on Congress that, "Congress cannot progress even it takes calcium injections".Congress is cannot give even a competition in Haryana and Maharashtra elections". "MIM is getting ready to contest in Bengal", he added.

Congress leaders fired on Asaduddin over his comments. "To win the elections BJP-MIM is working together to get votes on religion basis", said the leaders. They are doubting that MIM is working for BJP's win. “Even though there are minorities in Gujarat, MIM didn't contest there, but it is trying to divide the Muslim votes for Congress which holds a strong position there", added the leaders. Political circles started a debate on the possibilities of this alliance reportedly.