Congress, TRS Twitter war over Rahul Gandhi's visit

Sat May 07 2022 12:23:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Rahul Gandhi's latest visit to Warangal sparked off a social media war in Telangana. The TRS attacked Rahul Gandhi's visit and questioned the rationale behind speaking at the Rythu Sangharshana Yatra. Not to be outdone, the Congress too joined the war on social media and paid back in the same coin.

The war began when the TRS cadres had erected banners at various places in Warangal showing images of a partying Rahul Gandhi during his visit to Nepal. The Gandhi scion attended an India-baiting scribe and hobnobbed  with Chinese officials in Nepal during his visit. Meanwhile both KTR and Kavitha Kalwakuntla attacked him on Twitter.

KTR asked him as to where was Rahul Gandhi when the TRS was fighting for one paddy and one procurement on the paddy. But, Revanth Reddy paid back in the same coin to the TRS. He asked where the TRS was when the farm laws were being passed. He sought to know why the KCR-led TRS backed the BJP on farm laws.

He also asked Kavitha and KTR as to why KCR gave a written undertaking that he would not sell parboiled rice. He said this one step has broken the back of paddy agriculture in Telangana. He ridiculed both KTR and Kavitha for objecting to Rahul Gandhi's visit. He further said that there was nothing to learn from the TRS government.