Congress Puts Old Wine In Old Bottle

Sun Aug 11 2019 10:24:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, the Congress has found its new president. Well! Wondering who the new president is? It's again an old wine in an old bottle. Sonia Gandhi, who is from Gandhi family and who has relinquished the post citing health reasons, is all set to become the new president of the party. She will take over from Rahul Gandhi, who resigned in the wake of the party's severest drubbing yet in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi opted out of the post and has even indicated that he wants a non-Gandhi-Nehru family member to become the next party president. Despite the intense search, it has been proved beyond doubt that there is no alternative to Gandhi-Nehru family. After scouring through all names, the party has decided that if not Rahul Gandhi, it will have to be Sonia Gandhi again. Also, the party's thinking heads feel that the president's post should not lie vacant for so long. So, ailing Sonia Gandhi will lead the party now.

Look at BJP. The party has scores of leaders who can lead the party. Two former presidents are now in the Government. The present president is the Union Home Minister. The party also has a working president in JP Nadda. Thus there are four presidents - present, future and past - and a prime minister. The party has five top leaders, where the Congress has just three options - Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka - all from just one family. This explains why the Congress fortunes are on a downward spiral and the BJP on the upswing.