Congress' challenge: How to break BJP-TRS narrative?

Wed Jan 12 2022 13:14:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has the Congress been completely sidelined in Telangana politics? Have TRS and BJP created a situation where the Congress has become completely irrelevant. The political discourse is mainly between the TRS and the BJP and the Congress has been completely marginalized.

Quite interestingly, the TRS is reacting only to the comments and criticism of the BJP.  It completely ignored the Congress. As a result, the Congress is completely missing from the political discourse in Telangana. It is only after realizing this that the Congress biggies like Revanth Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy have begun saying that the  TRS and the BJP were colluding to reduce the popularity graph of the Congress and that of Revanth Reddy.

Sources  say that the TRS game plan is to bring down the popularity of the Congress and help the BJP cut into the Congress votes. At the same time, the BJP wants to emerge as the sole alternative to the TRS and wants to push the Congress down below. The BjP is deliberately keeping away from any issue that the Congress raised, sources say.

The Congress is now working overtime to ensure that this BJP-TRS game-plan is foiled. The It now trying to devise new ways to go to the people. It is trying to break free from the TRS-BJP grip.