Constable From AP Fights for Pending Arrears holding Placard

Wed Jun 15 2022 18:14:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The financial status of Andhra Pradesh is always debatable. It is said that the government employees are pensioners are not getting their due on time. We are hearing stories about contractors protesting demanding their bills to be cleared as they are unable to pay the debts.

Joining the force a Police Constable started a new protest requesting the Andhra Pradesh government to clear the Surrender Leaves and Additional Surrender Leaves which have been pending for a long time. Holding placards the constable requested the government to clear the arrears and grant Samajika Nyayam.

The Constable who is identified as Prakash hails from Anantapur. Listing out the issues they have been facing, the constable said that the pending arrears amount to over one lakh for each personnel and if the same gets cleared the problems faced by them will be cleared.

Having said that, the constable said that on top of this, they are facing cuts in their salaries due to IT charges. He took the protest to the next level by sitting in front of the district Police Headquarters to fight for his demands.

Talking to the media, the Constable said that they are not getting even the Travelling Allowance from the past 14 months and the requests he is making to the Andhra Pradesh government is going in vain. The constable became the talk of the town with his unique protest.