Covid-19 Outbreak: Count Of Cases And Deaths Are Disturbing

Mon Mar 30 2020 12:01:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

The novel coronavirus originated from the Wuhan province of China is spreading its wings across the world with the toll of the cases increasing day by day. The count is ringing danger bells in many countries. While the US tops in the positive cases while Italy reports the highest number of deaths.

Looking at the figures the deadly virus has left more than 185 countries affected while 15 countries have been facing the wrath of the outbreak severely. If we look at the positive cases,7,21,903 cases have been reported while 1,42,004 cases were registered in the US alone which is quite disturbing.

Italy continues to be the worst-hit nation of the virus as the death toll of the fatal virus is increasing rapidly.97,769 cases were reported in Italy while 10,779 people have died due to the virus so far.

After the US and Italy, Spain and Germany landed in the list of worst-hit nations of the outbreak of Covid-19. Spain witnessed 80,110 cases and 6,803 deaths due to the fatal virus.

Apart from these nations, France, Iran and the UK have also been facing troubles with the virus. The situation in Ira has reached a situation where Army vehicles were called to shift the dead bodies which tell us the scenario there.