Country Celebrating Farm Bills Repeal, Kangana Says Shameful

Fri Nov 19 2021 15:54:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bowing to the strong nature of the farmers from the north region of the country, who have been staging protests against the Agriculture bills making Delhi border as the base, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Union government announced the withdrawal of the bills on Friday. In his address to the nation, the Prime Minister announced the same.

While the opposition parties and the farmers and farmer associations who have been fighting for the same were elated with the news and celebrating the happy occasion, one person is not happy with what had happened and called the decision sad and unfair.

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who is a strong supporter of the BJP was not happy with the repeal of the controversial Agriculture bills and opined that what had happened is absolutely unfair. She said that where people, not the government, make the laws it's a jihadi nation. Sarcastically, she extended her congratulations on the occasion.

As today marks the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, she wished the late Prime Minister. Taking an indirect reference to the emergency imposed by her like a dictator. Kangana Ranaut said dictatorship is the only resolution when the nation's conscience is in deep sleep.

Looks like the controversial actress is not happy with the BJP taking a back step and taking a decision in favour of the farmers. She went on to call the nation a jihadi nation for taking a pro-farmer decision.

"Sad, shameful, absolutely unfair. If people on the streets have started to make laws and not the chosen government in the Parliament, then even this is a jihadi nation. Congratulations to all who wanted it like this," Kangana Ranaut said on her Instagram story on the repeal of the bill.

When the conscience of the nation is in deep sleep, lath (the cane) is the only solution and dictatorship is the only resolution… Happy birthday Madam Prime Minister," her second story on the eve of Indira Gandhi's birthday reads.

The three farm bills were passed in the Parliament by the Centre last year. After the announcement of the bills, the farmers from north India have expressed their concerns about the bills and started protesting against them.