Court's Remarks Brings Debate On Blaming Victim's Dress Style!

Wed Aug 17 2022 17:53:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is not new that attacks and sexual crimes against women are increasing in the country. Across the regions, the culture has been increasing and a few cities have already been declared unsafe for women. On the flip side, victims get blamed for their dress for the crimes.

Despite a few activists and feminist bodies condemning the trend of blaming victims for the dress, they wear the trend is not stopping. The biggest question here is that sometimes women in sarees and burqa also get attacked and no one talks about this.

Bring back the discussion on this, a local court in Kerala granted bail for the accused saying that women wearing a provocating dress will not come under harassment and the reason cannot be a prima facie. The court's comments took everyone by surprise.

Going into detail, popular social activist Civic Chandran is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. Back in February this year he reportedly sexually assaulted a girl. A case has been filed and the issue reached court.

Hearing the case, the court granted bail to the bail to 74-year-old author saying that if a victim wears a sexually provocative dress then the actions cannot be seen as harassment. Stressing that the victim wore a provocative dress the accused can not be held guilty. Having said that, the court granted the accused anticipatory bail.