Court Sentences Radhika and Sarathkumar to one Year Imprisonment

Wed Apr 07 2021 15:03:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking turn of events, noted actor couple Radhika and Sarathkumar who are into politics were sentenced to one-year imprisonment by a special court that deals with cases filed against legislators.

The special court sentenced one year imprisonment to the couple in connection with a cheque bounce case that traces back to 2017.

Going into detail, Radhika and Sarathkumar who are into movie production took loans from Radiant Group and produced a film. However, the couple failed to pay back the loan amount.

The cheques given by the couple as security have bounced. Following this, the Radiant Group knocked on the doors of the Court back in 2018. Since then, the case has been going on.

Nearly after four years after the cases were filed, the special court sentenced one-year imprisonment to the couple. Regarding the repayment, two cases and seven cases were filed against Radhika and Sarathkumar respectively.