Cover page of TIME Magazine on Covid-19 situation in India gets global attention!

Fri Apr 30 2021 16:49:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

The United States media has been critical of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accused India of not reporting the actual number of Coronavirus infections and deaths.

The popular TIME magazine of the United States made many heads turn by calling the Coronavirus situation in India a crisis. The picture on the cover page of TIME magazine depicts what the magazine is talking about.

In the cover story, TIME magazine said, the crematoriums are receiving dead bodies to a level that the staff members are creating multiple bodies in the national capital Delhi.

The TIME magazine said, the national capital has never seen such situations since the inception of the Coronavirus pandemic and called the current situation as a crisis triggered by Coronavirus.

Under the title 'India In Crisis', the picture on the cover page shows the staff members carrying a dead body, while a few bodies can be seen on the Pyre.

The popular magazine has attributed the massive surge in fresh cases and casualties to the leadership and policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that are ineffective in bringing the situation under control.

Saying that political rallies and Kumbh Mela held in India when things were about to come under control has led to the spread of the virus, the magazine said, the 'Make In India' didn't help the government in fighting the pandemic though the government has high hopes on the initiative.

Media in several nations have expressed their concerns on the burning situations in India and accused the PM of not taking the required measures to curb the virus spread. TIME magazine has joined the force to highlight the situations in India.