Covid-19 Fear : Scarcity In Oxygen Makes The Situation Even Worse

Fri Apr 16 2021 13:02:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the massive surge of fresh Coronavirus infections, patients are rushing to the hospitals resulting in a scarcity of hospital beds and oxygen facilities. Patients are struggling to get beds for their treatment.

As a reflection of the horrific incident, a picture went viral on social media, which shows two men sharing a bend in a hospital. The picture is said to be from a state-run hospital in the national capital Delhi.

The viral pic has shed light on the prevailing situations in several states with the scarcity of facilities as a result of the flood of admissions to the hospital.

As oxygen scarcity is the key problem in the country, a few hospitals are expected to receive oxygen plants to counter the problems. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants will lend a helping hand to the hospitals in oxygen plants.

The Union Government said, to supply oxygen for the severely-hit states, 50,000 metric tonnes of medical oxygen would be imported from other countries.

Mukesh Ambani has come forward to supply oxygen when the country is fighting a deadly virus. To fight the pandemic, oxygen supply has left to Maharashtra from Gujarat from Reliance Industries Ltd.

In the past 24 hours, India reported not less than 217,353 coronavirus infections, the highest single-day cases so far. For the second consecutive day, India added more than 2 lakh fresh infections.