Covid-19 Vaccine Might Result In The killing Of Half-Million Sharks!

Sat Oct 17 2020 16:27:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

The novel Coronavirus is fast spreading across the world. Presently, all the eyes are on the developments on the potential vaccine that can combat the spread of the virus spread.

Many researchers claimed that using a specific oil derived from Sharks can boost the efficiency of the Covid-19 vaccine and the sustainability will also increase largely with the oil.

Now, the non-profit organizations which work for protecting the sharks are raising their voice against the usage of Shark oil in the vaccine and demanding that the researchers should not give a thought to use the Shark oil.

Nonprofit shark-conservation organization Shark Allies, based out of the United States came up with a demand to stop the pharmaceutical companies from using an oil-like substance, squalene in Covid-19 vaccine trials.

The non-profit organization said at an average if two doses were used per person, around half a million sharks will be killed for squalene. At an average, annually more than three million sharks are killed, the organization noted.

Earlier, the World Health Organization(WHO) said 198 vaccine candidates are under the trial stage. While 42 vaccines are in the clinical trial stage, the remaining 156 are in preclinical stages.