Covid 3rd Wave might come early due to Festive Season!

Mon Oct 04 2021 18:40:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

The experts and a few studies had earlier predicted that India might face a third wave of the novel Coronavirus in late August or September and the next wave was predicted to be as deadly as the second wave. Fortunately, we had managed to create a situation where another wave could not emerge.

The fear is not over yet and the next wave might emerge if people get negligent and won't follow the Covid protocols. The same was found out in a study that was carried out in the apex biomedical research body in India, the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR).

The outcome of the study is that if we take the pandemic for granted, the third wave of Covid-19 would merge as the festival season is fast approaching. The study also says that the chances of the next wave to see a peak might go up to 47 percent in the festive season.

The experts who carried out the study are of the opinion that, on the grounds of the massive population in India, the transmission chances of the virus would be very high compared to the United States. The festive season might add fuel to the virus spread.

Following the sensational study, the ICMR had issued a few suggestions and advisory to the public to be safer during the festive season like making a few changes to their travel plans by canceling their tours if he/she develops any Coronavirus symptoms.

The states that are famous for the festivals were also asked to focus on making safety precautions and preventive measures like imposing a few restrictions like producing the Covid report to travel and for easy accommodations.

It has to be noted that, after the second wave saw a dip in the transmission, people started to travel without any restrictions like there was no Covid fear.

In the pictures and videos that were shared on social media, tourists can be seen enjoying and partying in famous tourist places like Kullu Manali, Darjeeling, and other places. The netizens have expressed their concerns over the virus spread by looking at the pictures as no one wore face masks and there was no sign of social distancing.