Pandemic Diaries: Covid leave more than 15 lakh children as orphans!

Fri Jul 23 2021 21:24:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Losing their loved one, especially parents is the most painful thing one could ever experience. Since the Covid has hit the world, several children enet through the trauma of losing parents.

Due to the pandemic, lakhs of children became orphans globally.Peer-reviewed general medical journal the Lancet in its recent study said that close to 15 lakh children lost their parents due to the dreaded Covid.

The pandemic had a deadly impact on India too with over 1.1 lakh children in the country losing their parents since the pandemic has hit.

Looking at India's scenario, a total of 1,86,972 children have lost either parents, caretaker or their dependent person. While 25,500 kids lost their mother, and 90,751 children lost their father.11,34,000 children lost their loved ones who used to care for them.

More than 15 lakh children across the globe became orphans by losing their parents or guardians to the Covid virus. Nations like Peru, South Africa and the United States have the highest orphans among children.

As the children are already dealing with the trauma of losing their loved ones, the experts are batting for the demand that these children should not be sent to the orphan houses and other homes as it might have a big impact on the mental health of the victims.