Covid surge in USA leaves citizens attentive

Wed Jan 12 2022 11:59:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

The United States of America is amidst a new peak of Covid-19 outbreak. With a record number of cases being reported every day and the number of hospitalizations at an all-time high, the onus is now on the public to take necessary precautions to keep Covid contraction risk at bay.

The other day, a total of 1,45,982 people were hospitalized after contracting Covid, which is the all-time tally of new admissions at Covid hospitals.

"The highly transmissible Omicron variant threatens to obliterate that benchmark. Disease modelers are predicting total hospitalisations in the 275,000 to 300,000 range when the peak is reached, probably later this month." the Washington Post reported.

With an alarming surge in the number of new Covid cases, the Americans are said to be more attentive as practicing social distancing and proper safety precautions is of utmost importance now.

"Store workers are navigating the changing nature of the virus and trying their best to gauge new risks. Many say that with vaccinations and boosters, they are less fearful for their lives than they were in 2020," the report added.