Corona Danger: Crematoriums in Vijayawada receiving in flow of dead bodies!

Thu Apr 22 2021 18:06:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Earlier this week, several leading media outlets carried out stories on the reality of the devastating situations, where the crematoriums dedicated for Covid-19 patients are receiving a flood of corpses.

One more state witnessed the same helpless situation. What's even more concerning is that one of the two Telugu states reported the situation of an overflow of the dead bodies of the Covid-19 patients.

The temple town in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is reporting high infections and casualties due to the second wave of the Coronavirus. The rise in Covid-19 casualties resulted in the crematoriums receiving an overflow of corpses.

To see that the corpses are cremated, the staff members at the crematoriums are working for extra hours, while some of the corpses are being cremated in other crematoriums.

ON Wednesday, Andhra Pradesh logged as many as 9,716 fresh cases. The total positive cases in the state rose to 9,86,703. So far, a total of 7510 patients have succumbed to the deadly virus.