Crisis In RTC trade Union, President Revolts Against General Secretary

Tue Sep 29 2020 14:15:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

The trade unions in the TSRTC have already been deflated, their importance reduced and their leadership is questioned. Ever since the 46-day long strike, the importance of the unions has been greatly reduced. But, despite all this, the leaders of the union are still quarrelling .

The latest is that the union has vertically split. It has split between general secretary Ashwatthama Reddy and working president Thomas Reddy. Thomas and his supporters have resigned from their posts and have demanded that the Ashwatthama Reddy faction too resign the post and facilitate the holding of fresh elections.

The Thomas Reddy faction, which met at Habsiguda blamed Ashwatthama Reddy and said that he has ignored the interests of the RTC employees. They said that he was lobbying for an MLC ticket from the BJP and said that this was against the interests of the union and the employees. Thomas Reddy said that Ashwatthama Reddy was not a representative of the RTC employees anymore.

Meanwhile, Ashwatthama Reddy has claimed that he was continuing as the general secretary only because the RTC employees want him to continue. He said that the allegations against him were baseless.