Dangerous Skull Breaker Challenge Surfaces

Wed Feb 19 2020 13:27:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

The social media which has introduced many dangerous challenges like the Bluewhale and Momo has once again hit the headlines as a new challenge, the skull-breaker challenge has surfaced on social media which is extremely dangerous.

Looking at the latest dangerous channel which is trending on the TikTok app involves three people for this challenge. Two people jump in the air and a third person joins in the middle. At the time of the jump, the third person gets kicked by the other two which results in a fall.

Seems like the goal behind this is to either prank the person or they join and do this willingly. In one shocking video, a person had lost his consciousness and the remaining two dragged his limp body off the floor.

After the Kiki Challenge, BirdBox Challenge and the Blue Whale Challenge this new challenge has made it clear that in the technology era we get attracted to all dangerous and bad acts.