Dangerous flyovers in the world

Mon Nov 25 2019 14:28:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the Accident near Gachibowli Bio-Diversity Junction in Hyderabad, now everyone's focus is on flyovers. Construction of flyovers in towns and cities has recently begun to check for traffic problems. But be very careful when travelling on a flyover. Accidents happen near the turning. Let us see some of the dangerous flyovers.

Yashwant Pura Fly Over in Bangalore. This is one of the most popular flyovers in the country. Special measures have been taken to prevent these. Metal Re Flectors were installed. Speed breakers have been installed to control excessive speed. Ulta Danga flyover in Kolkata. There have been a lot of accidents on this flyover. This Multi Layer Bridge is located near Shanghai City, China. This flyover will be in six levels. Vehicle drivers may find it very difficult to know where to go when travelling. The steep flyover is in Japan. The flyover connects the two cities (Matsuyu-Sakiminato), which is about two kilometres long.