Daughter Of Diamond Merchant Prefers Monkhood Over Business!

Thu Jan 19 2023 11:46:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After experiencing almost everything adults embrace Sanyasi Ashram to stay away from the external world. The practice is familiar and it has been going on for a very long time. The spiritual gurus also call it the best way to stay close to the Almighty. In the olden days, kings used to do that.

A small girl stunned the world by deciding to take monkhood. What surprised everyone is that the girl hails from one of the most famous diamond merchant families in the country. However, she is not interested in the materialistic life and wants to enjoy the ascetic life.

Sanghvi family is very famous in the diamond business. Though the family is based in Gujarat’s Surat its business is all over the nation. However, Devanshi Sanghvi who is eight years old decided to embrace monkhood.

She is the elder daughter of Dhanesh Sanghvi and Ami. Her family runs one of the oldest diamond companies in Asia. The worth of the company is multiple crores and she choose monkhood over wealth.

Her family is said to be having a simple lifestyle and Devanshi was habituated to prayers at an early age. To take forward the path she decided to embrace monkhood. She would have led the diamond business if she had not taken the path of monkhood.

It has been reported that Devanshi took part in many dikshas so far and she was drawn toward the Monkhood. Having learned how will it be to be a monk, the eight-year-old chose her future. The main Diskha to become the monk was started on Wednesday as per the info.

The Diksha is said to have started with a grand procession involving animals like Camels and Elephants. After reaching the destination the eight-year-old started her Diskha and began her path as a monk. Very rarely we see small kids taking the path.

Surat is the heart of Gujarat given the revenue it generates. Sanghvi sons is one of the major businesses in the city. Though the business is based in Gujarat it is spread across many nations and sees revenue of hundreds of crores every year.