Deadly variant that defeats vaccines is the cause of second wave

Mon May 10 2021 08:46:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Does India have an extremely dangerous variant of the Corona virus? Is India suffering a second wave of Corona which is leaving a trail of death, destruction and devastation due to this deadly variant? Yes, says World Health Organisation's chief scientist and Indian origin expert Saumya Swaminathan.

Dr Saumya Swaminathan argues that the deadly variant is responsible for the second wave. She said the variant is known as B 1 617. She said the variant was identified in India October last and the WHO has listed it as a variant in its list of Covid 19 variants. She said the variant is a dangerous one with serious implications for the community health. She said the variant is resistant to vaccines so far.

She said the people of the country should not underestimate the destructive capabilities of this variant and should be careful about the spread of the virus. She suggested that there should be no let up in wearing the mask and frequent sanitation. She aslso said that the social distance is a must to fight the new variant.