Delhi Court Slaps Killer-Rapist With Life Term Jail!

Thu May 25 2023 17:38:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A serial killer and rapist was slapped with life imprisonment. The suspect sexually accused and killed children in a few years in different cases. Though the suspect is attracting over two dozen cases, the punishment was given in just one of the total cases.

Ravinder Kumar, who is a serial killer and rapist is said to have targeted many teenage children and killed them between 2008 to 2015. But he was convicted in one of the 30 cases and the Delhi's Rohini court convicted him earlier this month.

Now the court announced the punishment and slapped him with life imprisonment. The crimes he committed were from the national capital Delhi, western UP, and parts of Haryana. He targets the slums and attacks the children there. He keeps on changing the areas to not get caught.

During the investigation, Ravinder Kumar is said to have revealed to the cops how he operates and he targets the poor areas and only children are his target. It is said that he commits crimes in an intoxicated state. He started the crimes at an early age and he was in his teens when he committed the first crime.

At regular intervals, he barges into poor localities and targets children for sexual crimes. More than 30 people are his victims in different cases.  Ravindra Kumar was arrested back in 2015 in a case. The dead body of a six-year-old girl was found in an area in northwest Delhi. The investigation led the cops to Ravindra Kumar and he was arrested.