Delhi Girl Murder: Accused Reportedly Inspired By Dehradun Case?

Wed Nov 16 2022 22:26:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The nation is yet to forget the disgusting death of 23-year-old Shraddha Walkar who was reportedly killed by her boyfriend Aftab Poonawala. The way he killed her girlfriend is spine-chilling as her body was chopped into a few parts which are disposed of in various parts of the national capital Delhi.

Though the murder happened a few months back it came to light recently after the girl’s parents moved the Delhi Police. Based on the complaint the cops started digging deeper into the case and are gathering information. More and more new details are coming out.

Now the new news is that accused Aftab Poonawala drew inspiration from the heinous Dehradun's Anupama Gulati murder case that happened back in 2010. He reportedly searched for the case on the internet and the search history says the same.

Aftab is said to have searched for the Dehradun Murder case online and drew a comparison. Like how the accused in the old case brought a fridge to hide the chopped body, Aftab also bought a fridge and stored the body. It is also said that he cut the face and placed it in his fridge.

Just like in the old case he also tried to paint things as casual by chatting with the friends of the victim on social media platforms. If not for the complaint made by her parents it would have taken at least a few more months for the issue to come out.

Both victim and accused were in love and were in a live-in relationship. When Shraddha reportedly asked Aftab about marriage they had an argument and he killed her. To not get caught he reportedly chopped her body and disposed of the body parts at various places.