Delhi Murder Case: Cops Find a Key Breakthrough!

Mon Nov 21 2022 11:54:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The sensation around the Delhi Murder case is not over yet. With the investigation going deeper the investigating officers are recovering spine-chilling details. As the suspect confessed to having chopped her lover and disposed of the parts at different places the search to identify them is underway.

Now the reports say that the cops had a breakthrough in the case as the skull and other bones were reportedly identified. The same was sent to the forensic lab to find whether the body parts belong to the victim are not. If the body parts match then the major part of the case can be cracked.

The investigating officers searched various places for the body parts and found a few. The head part becomes vital in the case investigation and media reports say that the body party might have been thrown in a nearby pond close to the crime spot.

To check with this, the authorities reportedly drained the pond a bit so that swimmers can go deep into the water body and search for the head and other parts. If the head part is found then it comes in handy to crack the case at the earliest.

The locals were informed prior that the pond would be drained a bit to make the investigation easy. The locals also want the investigation get finished soon.

Getting into the case details, Aftab Poonawalla reportedly killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar after they fought about getting married. To not get arrested the accused kept the body parts in his fridge and disposed of them in the nearby forests.

Based on the complaints lodged by the parents of the victim, the Delhi Police registered a case and started an investigation. The suspect was arrested and grilled by the investigating officers.

After taking the statements of friends and the manager of the office where Shraddha Walkar used to work, the cops reportedly found that she was assaulted by Aftab earlier and sustained injuries. The doctor who earlier treated Shraddha said that she had big injuries then. She reportedly told her friends and manager about the harassment she was subjected to.