Delhi Police Raided Fake Call Center In Delhi

Mon Nov 18 2019 18:12:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Delhi police have successfully busted a fraud call center and arrested 32 people for taking money from foreign nationals, posing themselves as Canadian police.

The police have also seized fifty-five computers, 35 mobile phones, and illegal software programs from Moti Nagar in West Delhi. Other equipment was also seized from there.

Police have received inputs, regarding a group of fraudsters who are posing themselves as Canadian police officials on the phone and cheated foreign nationals citing that they are saving them from Social Insurance Number (SIN) violations.

The company has asked the victims to send money through Bitcoins, ATM or gift cards and Credit cards.

To mislead the victims, they have used the caller ID spoofing technology.

Accused owners of the fraud company were identified as Raja, Sushil, Naveen, Bunny Arora, Pankaj. The DOT officials are also probing into this case.