Delhi Shraddha Walker-Like Case Unearthed In Hyderabad!

Thu May 25 2023 10:57:36 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Earlier last week, Telugu states were shaken largely by the murder case of a woman techie in Prakasam district. The case took an unexpected turn as the Police tracked the case and found that the husband is the culprit and he killed the victim due to the doubts he had on his wife. He suspected that his wife and her friend might have an affair.

When we are yet to forget the case, another shocking case was unearthed in Hyderabad. The Police department successfully cracked the mystery of a head that was spotted at the Musi River. Upon digging deeper, the cops unearthed a murder case that happened on the lines of Delhi's Shradda Walker and Nikki Yadav cases.

Going into details, a human head that was wrapped in a plastic cover was spotted at Teegala Guda. The issue created a big sensation in the region and people were in big fear. The incident was taken to the notice of the concerned Police. They searched for the remaining body parts in the nearby areas. But that did not give any fruitful outcome.

As a big breakthrough, the victim's family members identified the head as Anuradha who works as a nurse at a private hospital.  Cops launched a comprehensive investigation into the case and unearthed a spine-chilling murder case. A person killed the victim. After killing her, he cut her body into parts and threw the head part wrapped in a cover. The remaining body parts were stored in his fridge. The reason behind this is financial transactions.

Anuradha works as a nurse who works at a private hospital. She gave around 18 lakhs to a persona named Chandramouli who stays in Chaitanyapuri. Chandramouli indulged in online trading and lost money. To come out of this, he took a loan from Anuradha for interest. As the money she gave is in lakhs, Anuradha started pressuring him to return the money.

Chadramouli reportedly came up with an evil idea of getting rid of Anuradha. When she came to his house to ask for money, he reportedly killed her and separated her head from the body. He stored the rest of the body parts in a fridge. All these details came out during the investigation. Media reports say that the accused confessed to his crime.