Delta Plus variant might guide the third wave in Maharashtra!

Thu Jun 17 2021 15:21:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite the fresh cases coming down, the Covid fear is not over yet in India.Experts had earlier warned that the country would be hit by the third wave of the pandemic and the impact would be more devastating than the ongoing second wave.

Amid the possible third wave, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray chaired a key meeting with the health minister and key officials over the situation in the state.Maharashtra is the worst effected state in the country in both the waves.

As per the media reports, the state health department stated that the Delta plus variant, that comes with high rate of transmission could trigger the third wave and the active cases would be increasing rapidly.

The health department said, the number of active cases would reach around 8 lakh, including 10 percent of children.

Following the predictions of the department, the Chief Minister had directed the concerned officials to make sure that bed facilities, medical oxygen and required supplied are made available.He directed them to keep a special focus on the rural area.

 The Chief Minister had urged the public to not to break the norms like maintaing social distance and keeping personal hygiene. Vaccination has a big role in fighting the virus but the norms should not be broken, he said.

The possible third wave will have a devastating impact on the state. During the first and second waves 19 lakh and over 40 lakh cases were reported respectively, according to the health department.