Democratic Party Used Telugu Language in Senator elections

Thu Nov 07 2019 18:07:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

According to the latest survey, most of the Indians don't like to speak in their mother language. They feel that speaking in English makes you feel comfortable, stated the survey.

In an interesting turn of events, the Democratic Party has used the Telugu language during the Senate election campaign in America. Reportedly, the party has released sample ballots with the election dates in the Telugu language. They have requested the voters to vote for the Democratic party.

'November 5th is the election date.. Please cast your valuable vote to Democratic Party' says the announcement.

 It has been reported that few Indians have contested in the Lowden County elections. There are few Telugu people too among them. According to the official information, sample ballots were released in five languages.

Urdu, English and two foreign languages are the remaining languages reportedly. Indians are staying in America for a long time but this kind of situation never happened. Many Telugu people have felt very happy after knowing this news.

Talking about this, senior counsel at ACLU Foundation of Northern California, William Freeman said, ''will make it possible for many thousands of Californians to participate fully and equally in our democratic process''.

''California must continue to be in the forefront of encouraging robust voter participation by our state's diverse communities,'' he added.