Despite Lockdown, MLA, Grandson Play On Karnataka Roads

Mon Mar 30 2020 10:58:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

The whole country may be in the Lockdown and from PM Modi down to dailywager are following the social isolation extremely seriously. However, some VIPs still think that they are above law. They seem to believe that the self quarantine and social isolation are meant for the hoi polloi and not for them.

Take the case of this MLA from Gubbi assembly constituency in Tumkur district of Karnataka. JDS MLA SR Srinivas came on to the roads along with his grandson and roamed freely on the roads. There were no masks and no other protection. They simply played on the roads with grandson's charging jeep. Not just that he shared the images of he and his grandson playing out on the roads. Quite significantly, he played on a road from where the district SP's office is just a few paces away.

The MLA roamed freely throwing all the lockdown restrictions to wind. He followed no precautions whatsoever and moved hither and tither in utter unconcern.