Face Mask Adorned With Diamonds To Cost Rs 4 Lakhs

Sat Jul 11 2020 21:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

While we are still unable to forget the incident of a Pune man wearing a gold mask which costs around 2.89 lakh, a jeweler made it to the headlines by producing a mask that is embellished with diamonds.

Going into details, a jewelry outlet in Surat of Gujarat has been making and marketing diamond-studded masks for a month. These masks will be costing around 1.5 lakh to 4 lakh.

Talking about the masks, owner of the jewelry store  Deepak Choksi said, they got the idea to make the mask when a customer walked to their shop and asked for some unique masks.

After having a word with the jewelry designer, the customer opted for the diamond-studded mask. The customer chose the design as it goes well with the marriage costume.

The jewelers are manufacturing two types of masks that have diamonds. While the mask with gold and American diamond costs Rs 1.5 lakh per piece. The White and yellow gold masks adorned with diamonds will be costing Rs 4 lakh per maks.