North Korea Supreme Leader Apologizes To His South Korea Counterpart

Fri Sep 25 2020 16:50:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Workers' Party of Korea Leader, North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un who is known for his dictatorship took everyone by a deep surprise by apologizing for killing a person, allegedly.

Seoul's presidential office said that Kim Jong Un apologized for the incident and termed the killing as an unexpected event, where a South Korean national was killed at sea.

It is believed that North Korea's United Front Department, which operates the cross-border issues, has sent a formal apology to South Korean President Moon Jae-in over the killing incident.

Looking into the incident, a 47-year-old South Korean national who was found by the North Korean troops in the North Korean waters was shot dead to stop the Coronavirus spread.

South Korea said that the deceased, who works for the fisheries department was on his patrol boat when the North Korean troops found him on the sea. He is the father-of-two.

After shooting him dead, the North Korean troops have reportedly doused his body in oil and set ablaze his body.

This incident resulted in a major political fallout between South Korea and North Korea. No such incidents took place in the past few decades.

It has been reported that, in the letter, Kim opined that the disgraceful incident should have not happened and apologized for disappointing the South Korean President and South Korean nationals.