Did BJP MP Aravind Fake His MA Degree?

Wed Apr 08 2020 18:37:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TRS, which has been deeply upset by the growing influence of BJP MP Dharmapuri Aravind in Nizamabad, is now trying to hit him where it hurts him most. The TRS is now planning to question his academic qualifications and is all set to lodge a complaint with the Central Election Commission asking it to disqualify him.

TRS state social media coordinator Y Satish Reddy has tweeted that Dharmapuri Aravind has lied about his educational qualifications in the affidavit that he had filed with the Election Commission at the time of elections. Reddy said that Aravind had claimed that he had done MA with political science from Janardhan Rai Univerisity in Rajasthan. This is a deemed University. The TRS leader had claimed through a tweet that he had got a written confirmation from the University that no student with the name Dharmapuri Aravind had ever joined the course. Aravind in his affidavit, has not clarified whether this was a correspondence course or a regular course. The TRS leader now demands that  Aravind be disqualified for furnishing false information.

What will Aravind do now? Will he put his documents in the public domain or claim that he had done the course through the distance mode? Let's wait and see what he does next.