Did Chandrababu Expressed Dissatisfaction With Pawan Indirectly?

Fri Nov 18 2022 19:00:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The grand old Telugu Desam Party is busy making efforts to make the party strong as the general elections are two years away. For this, the party is exploring all the possibilities and even trying to join hands with Janasena. Though Chandrababu Naidu did not announce it publicly, his support for Pawan Kalyan after the Vizag tour started this debate.

While everything was seemingly going TDP-Janasena's way Pawan Kalyan received an invitation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After the meeting, Pawan Kalyan said he is hopeful that the state will see good days soon. AP BJP also said that there is no possibility of joining hands with TDP.

Now there is no clarity on the alliance between Telugu Desam Party and Janasena with Bharatiya Janata Party coming into the picture again. This poured water on the Telugu Desam Party's hopes of coming to power like in the 2014 polls.

Amid this, Chandrababu Naidu made some interesting comments and gave birth to a new debate on whether he is venting out his dissatisfaction with the chances of TDP-Janasena getting weak. Winning the next general elections is the need of the hour for the Telugu Desam Party to revive.

It is known that Chandrababu Naidu is touring Kurnool city now. While addressing the crowd at Yemmiganur, the Telugu Desam Party President expressed happiness over the massive crowd at the events and said this shows the frustration people have with the ruling party.

His comments at the event many think that Chandrababu Naidu took an indirect reference to Pawan Kalyan. He said despite not being a film star and his recent film not being a hit at the box office people came to the event. His comments match Pawan Kalyan as he is a film star and his recent film Bheemla Nayak became a big hit.

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