Did Covid-19 Reach Stage 3 In India?

Mon Mar 30 2020 18:07:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amid the deadly outbreak of the novel coronavirus, some of the media reports said that stage 3 of the global pandemic in India has kickstarted despite the Indian government is denying this news regularly.

Any virus or pandemic is said to be reached a 'community transmission' or stage 3 only of the authorities were unable to trace the source of the infection when it comes to a larger number of cases.

Quite surprisingly, there were some cases where the transmission source of the patients cannot be traced which makes the pandemic even more dangerous with the infected patients gets multiplied easily.

In some cases, the infected patients don't have any travel history of foreign countries but developed the symptoms of the deadly virus. These cases are ringing the danger bells about the community transmission even though the government is not approving it.

In addition to this drama, the Press Information Bureau took to Twitter to say that the community transmission is not true. "Please don't fall for report claiming India has entered Stage 3 - i.e. community transmission of Covid19. Claims made are misleading and scaremongering," the tweet read.