Did KCR insult L Ramana while joining in TRS?

Wed Jul 14 2021 14:18:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Though it was widely reported that TDP Telangana chief and former minister L Ramana would be welcomed into the TRS in a manner befitting his stature as a state party chief. News reports too said that he would be welcomed by no less a person than KCR himself.

But, it now turns out that he would be welcomed into the party by party's working president KTR and not KTR. This is definitely being seen as a downgrading of stature of Ramana.  Ramana was an MP from 1996 till 1998. He was an MLA before becoming an MP. He was again made an MLA during the 2009-2014 period . during this period, he was minister for some time and was later made the chairperson of the AP Khadi Village Industries Board. Interestingly, Ramana became a minister even before KCR became one. Yet, KCR decided that KTR would invite him into the party. This is said to have left Ramana shocked.

According to analysts, this was a move intended to show Ramana his place in the TRS. This also tells what Ramana can expect in the party. It has been rumoured that the TRS would make him an MLC soon and politically help in the settlement of Ramana's son. Sources also say that KCR may also have thought that by making Ramana join the party in the presence of KTR he would send a signal that however senior one might be, he has to work under the leadership of KTR. In fact this ego clash between Eatala and KTR was one of the reasons for the estrangement of the former. It has finally led to Eatala's quitting from the party. So, KTR wants to show to everyone how important KTR is. He perhaps wants Ramana to be a part of Team KTR.

Whatever the reason and rationale, questions are being raised about the way Ramana was treated. Some say it did not befit his stature in the party.